UNSW Group Companies

The following companies are subsidiaries or associated entities of The University of New South Wales. The list is provided for the purpose of clause 3.7 of the UNSW Insider Trading Policy.

Acyte Biotech Pty Ltd
Australian Education Consultancy Ltd
Cicada Innovations Pty Ltd
Bionic Vision Technologies Pty Ltd
BioParticle Technologies Pty Ltd
Centre for Eye Health Limited
Cystemix Pty Limited
NewSouth Innovations Pty Limited
Qucor Pty Ltd
Scientia Clinical Research Limited
The Health-Science Alliance
The University of New South Wales Foundation Limited, as trustee for:
- University of New South Wales Foundation Trust
- The New South Wales Minerals Industry/University of New South Wales Education Trust
University of New South Wales Press Limited
UNSW & Study Abroad – Friends and US Alumni Inc
UNSW Global India Pvt Ltd
UNSW Global Pty Limited
UNSW Global (Singapore) Pte Ltd
UNSW Hong Kong Foundation Limited
UNSW (Hong Kong) Limited
UK Friends of UNSW Australia

Paul Serov
UNSW Compliance Manager
Email: p.serov@unsw.edu.au