Commercial Activities

The University is permitted to engage in commercial activities that comprise the commercial exploitation or development of any facility, resource or property of the University. Such commercial activity must be for the University’s benefit.

Examples of permitted commercial activities include, but are not limited to:
- the establishment of companies, partnerships or joint ventures;
- continuing education activities (eg. conferences, seminars, non-award and tailored professional programs);
- contract research; and
- overseas projects.

The University is required by law to keep a register of all commercial activities. This Register is held within the Legal Office. The Register is a central repository for information on the University's commercial activities and is required to hold specific details on each activity.

All commercial activities must be entered into the register and be consistent with the object and functions of the University and with all applicable laws, regulations and policies. To ensure this, the University has implemented guidelines and procedures to be followed for the initiation, approval, management and review of all commercial activities.

Important information for establishing a commercial activity


Guidelines for Commercial Activities
The guidelines provide details of permitted activities, the evaluation and approval process, the operating requirements for activities, the Register of Commercial Activities and specific procedures for particular activities and activities established by controlled entities.

Operational Guide to the Guidelines for Commercial Activities [PDF]
This guide provides details of what is required throughout the evaluation, approval and review process for commercial activities. This guide should be followed for the creation of new commercial activities and the management of existing commercial activities.

Guidelines for the Establishment of Business Relationships with Outside Organisations [PDF]
These guidelines set out the information required to assess proposals for entering into business relationships with outside organisations, such as joint ventures, partnerships and corporation/consortium agreements.


Commercial Activities Registration Form [PDF - Interactive]
To register a commercial activity, download and complete this form and send to the Legal Office.

Commercial Activity Business Plan/Activity Proposal Template [DOC]
This template is to be used when proposing any new commercial activity.

Evaluation Checklist for Commercial Activity Approval Authorities [DOC]
This checklist must be completed each time an activity is endorsed or approved.

Commercial Activity Risk Assessment Template [DOC]

Commercial Activity Review [PDF - Interactive]
All UNSW commercial activities must be reviewed at least once every three years.

Commercial Activity Cessation [PDF - Interactive]
This template is to be used only for one-off activities or those which are now ending