Request Legal Advice

If you need legal advice, please complete and send the:

Request for Legal Advice Form (docx)

In order to efficiently and effectively provide legal support:

- seek our advice at an early stage if the matter is one where legal advice is appropriate or necessary

- provide us with clear information, including relevant background correspondence and other documents

- provide your timeframe. If your matter is urgent, let us know what the factors are driving the urgency.

Once your matter is submitted it will be allocated to the appropriate lawyer, please do not approach lawyers directly as this circumvents the central system and the fair allocation of work. You will receive an email acknowledging your request and a lawyer will contact you within 2 work days. If your matter is urgent, please call us (02) 93857249.

Before Requesting Legal Advice

1. Check self-help tools to see if we have provided the resources you need to resolve the issues without the need to go through the legal matter process

2. Consult with the University Business Unit(s) or Policy Owner(s) with the relevant subject matter expertise

Note: If your matter is related to any of the areas below, the business unit must be consulted first for advice. These units will escalate your matter to the Legal Office and manage the process on your behalf.

- Externally funded research
Contact the Division of Research who will forward related queries to us, as required.

- Strategic Procurement
Contact the UNSW Procurement Team

- Human Resources
Contact your HR Business Partner in the first instance

- Partnerships and Collaborations
If you are looking to develop partnerships and collaborations contact UNSW Knowledge Exchange

- Insurance
Contact the UNSW Insurance Team

- Student Conduct and Integrity matters
Contact the UNSW Student and Integrity Unit

- Policy-related matters
Visit the Governance website and identify the relevant Policy Owner

- Compliance with legislative obligations
Contact the relevant University Compliance Owner

Note that we do not provide advice to staff or students on personal legal issues; please refer to the following instead:

- Student legal advice:

- Personal legal advice: