About Us

The Legal Office is a resource for the staff of UNSW Australia and its controlled entities, offering legal advice, assistance with drafting, negotiating and reviewing legal documents and assistance to manage legal risk.

Our Values

1. Integrity
2. Excellence
3. Accountability
4. Engagement
5. Teamwork

Our Objectives

1. To be valued by UNSW as its trusted adviser.
2. To assist UNSW to effectively manage legal risk.
3. To deliver high quality, practical and timely legal services.
4. To understand, and contribute to, UNSW’s culture and the achievement of its strategic priorities.
5. To foster respectful and friendly relationships with our colleagues.

Until 2013, the legal function at UNSW was divided, with a separate team, known as the Legal Office (Research), providing dedicated legal support for the research activities of the University. Since, 2013, the legal function has been integrated into a single office, which continues to offer dedicated expert advice and support for research activity, in addition to advice and assistance on a wide range of legal matters.

We look forward to working with staff and encourage you to give feedback on our services. You can call us on (02) 9385 7249 (ext.57249) or email us on legaloffice@unsw.edu.au.

You may wish to use our Request for Legal Advice form.